About The League

The Charity League, Inc. (TCL) is a 501(3)(c) non-profit service organization comprised of a dynamic group of women members. TCL is committed to serving children with hearing and speech impairments in the Birmingham area through volunteer hours and financial support. Since its formation in 1959, TCL has provided over 200,000 volunteer hours and has raised over $2.5 million to support hearing and speech impaired children in Alabama.

100% of the funds TCL raises or earns are used to benefit the following programs:

  1. The Charity League Hearing and Speech Center, Children’s Hospital Funding for the Cochlear Implant Program at the Hearing Enrichment Assessment and Research (HEAR) Center. Providing speech or language therapy scholarships for patients and financial assistance to families for the purchase of hearing aids for children. Supporting parents through funding the Parent Support Program and a parent library, and through sponsoring parent forums on speech and language development in conjunction with speech/language pathologists and audiologists from Children’s Health System. Contributing towards equipment purchases for the HEAR Center including software, digital hearing aids, therapy materials and other necessary equipment. Funding of a pre-school program at the HEAR Center and providing volunteers to assist HEAR Center staff at Children’s Hospital.
  2. E.P.I.C. (Educational Program for the Individual Child) School (A Birmingham city school specializing in the education of exceptional children.) Providing funds to purchase equipment such as phone-ear equipment, ear molds, transducers, speech trainers, FM systems and other necessary equipment. Volunteering to assist children with hearing and speech impairments attending E.P.I.C. through such programs as arts and crafts, creative movement and perceptual motor & speech pathology.
  3. Volunteer Support for hearing and speech screenings in Jefferson and Shelby counties
  4. “Special Requests Fund” Established in 1994 to assist schools in purchasing needed equipment, the fund has been used in Jefferson and Shelby counties as well as other counties in Alabama. Since 2002, TCL has granted funding for children with hearing and speech impairments in over 60 schools.
  5. Virginia Cobb Scholarship Since 2002, TCL has been offering scholarship programs to qualifying students with hearing or speech impairments to help fund their college educations.
  6. Annual Fundraising Event ~ Hear Me Roar Since 2007, TCL has hosted an annual fundraising event. This evening consists of cocktails, dinner, dancing and a live & silent auction in the Birmingham area, raising the majority of TCL’s funds to support its annual programs. Since 2011, this event has been called Hear Me Roar! and is now located at Aldridge Gardens in Hoover.